Thursday, January 15, 2015

Evolved capacity management-Why Its so critical ?

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Evolved Capacity Management - Why it's So Critical

Dear Sir/Madam,

Effective capacity management has become a critical differentiator for IT organisations. With increasing demands and flat budgets, the need to align IT resources with demands is increasing in importance.

For insights to optimise your capacity management practices, I invite you to read the latest report: Evolved Capacity Management: Why it’s so critical and the six key steps to success

Read this white paper to understand how you can gain advanced capacity management capabilities to be able to more effectively right-size investments, support key IT projects and align resources with business objectives.

This report also covers:

  • 3 Shortcomings of Siloed Performance Tools 
  • 6 Critical Steps for Achieving Business Value
  • 5 Benefits of Business Centric Capacity Management

I trust this report will help you gain a deeper understanding of your capacity needs, optimise asset utilisation and cut costs.


Stephen Miles
VP, Infrastructure Management
CA Technologies Asia Pacific & Japan


Evolved Capacity Management

Read the Capacity Management Report


Evolved Capacity Mangement




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