Thursday, March 10, 2011

I & E Lesson on 11 Mar 2011 (Friday, 12.00 to 12.30pm)


Gather in your usual groups (e.g. Luskandar, The Forkers, Lewd Soap Drones, Vanilla with Sprinkles on top) and start work on the skit presentation (e.g. discussions on what to do, who to do what, when to complete what, etc). The skit presentation will be graded as part of your I&E assessment and will be done in Term 2 Weeks 2-3. Hence, you will have time from now through the March hols and Term 2 Week 1 (E-Learning Week) to firm up and complete your skit rehearsals.

Your skit presentation in Term 2 Weeks 2-3 should include some ideas that you had learnt in your I&E lessons so far, e.g. creative vs critical thinking, generating/ focussing options, sources of innovative opportunites, etc). All the slides on I&E done in Term 1 had been uploaded onto the student google site. You may want to view this site for more ideas on skit presentation.

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