Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reviewing your Challenge Statements and Problem Statements

Dear I&E students, in my absence, please read the earlier postings. Then, look through your selected/chosen Challenge Statement once more and evaluate them against a set of criteria as stated below...

1. Challenge Statements

Criteria for evaluation:

  • Broad - keep your statement broad and general so that you do not limit your opportunities

  • Brief - limit the statement to not more than 20 words (i.e. like writing a news headlines)

  • Beneficial - the statement must have a positive feel to it, such that benefits could be derived from working on the challenge
As part of data exploration process, look at your selected Challenge Statement again and answer these questions (type in out in Pages document):

For the next part of the lesson, look through your selected/chosen Problem Statement and evaluate them against the set of criteria stated below:

2. Problem Statements

Criteria for evaluation (CI4P):

  • Change - What will happen if we do not work on this problem?

  • Influence - Is it something within your control? Can you take action?

  • Interest - Do you care about the problem and really want to do something about it?

  • Imagination - Do you really need a better or new solution than existing ones to the problem?

  • Importance - Is it really important for you to work on this task?

  • Priority - Is it now the best and most appropriate time to tackle this problem?

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  1. r we supposed to answer o the comments or on pages or paper!